Woman Bishop elected in companion Diocese of Swaziland

Rev Ellinah Wamukoya

Rev Ellinah Wamukoya

Bishop Nigel reflects on the election of the election of the Rev Ellinah Wamukoya as Bishop of Swaziland, one of our companion dioceses:

Our Companion Diocese of Swaziland made history in July when it elected Rev Ellinah Wamukoya as Bishop – the first woman bishop in the Anglican Province of Southern Africa. I have written to her to say how delighted I am with the news and to wish her every blessing in her new ministry.

I am particularly thrilled because for some years I have hoped to work with a woman bishop before I retire. I look forward to furthering the mutual friendship and support which has been enjoyed by our Companion Dioceses for some years.

A three way relationship exists between the Dioceses of Brechin, Iowa and Swaziland. Brechin companioned with Iowa in 1982 following a Partners-in-Mission consultation across the Scottish Episcopal Church. I remember it well as at that time Anne and I met Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie and Terry Waite at Dunblane Hyrdro – a few years later Terry was taken hostage in Beirut.

The Swaziland Companion Link with Brechin and Iowa was inaugurated in 1989 after the three bishops met at the 1988 Lambeth Conference. It is reaffirmed following each change of bishop. I assured Bishop Meshack of my support when he visited Dundee for my consecration last October, and likewise Bishop Alan from Iowa when he visited our diocese in February this year. It seems likely that Ellinah and several other bishops-elect will be consecrated together in Pretoria early next year and I hope to be present together with Bishop Alan Scarfe from Iowa. Our triangular friendship is therefore long-standing and special within the life of the much under pressure Anglican Communion – it is Good News!

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