What’s happening at St Drostan’s Lodge in 2025?


What’s happening at St Drostan’s Lodge in 2025?

Who knows!  It’s up to you!

Would you like to help determine what happens at the Lodge in the 5 years following Jane & Peter’s retirement from their “administrative duties” in November 2020?
We have a great opportunity to do something different and special to improve our spiritual contribution and outreach, both within the Diocese and the wider community.
We are holding a “brainstorming afternoon” on Saturday 9th February, 2pm to 4.00pm, at the Lodge where we hope collect lots of ideas for the way forward, which can be passed onto a “Transition Workgroup”.
All ideas are welcome; don’t be restricted in your thoughts!

If you would like to attend, please contact Jane or Peter on 01569 730967 or e mail stdrostansbook@btinternet.com
(This is so we can manage numbers and organise Tea & Cakes)



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