Volunteers required for St Ninian’s Family Support Group


Do you have or know someone who has a spare hour or two?

It's Monday and/or Tuesday between 10.00 and 4.00pm It's fun, it's happy, it's fulfilling, it's messy, it's valuable, it's mission!

It's volunteering in such areas as:
Assist in emptying the resources from and back to the shed?
Make soup?
Assist in kitchen to prepare lunches for the families?
Wash dishes and clean kitchen before and after lunch?
Support in the playroom for parents/children?
Good listening skills?
Play with children and/or parents?
Share skills such as crafts, cooking, etc?

For more information 

Website: https://stayandplaydundee24.wixsite.com/stninians

Or contact: 

Petra Baker - petrastniniansstayandplay@gmail.com    Tel:  07712331124
Joan McKenna - stniniansstayandplay@gmail.com   Tel:  07712331124
Fay Lamont -  flamont53@sky.com Tel: 07931222092

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