St James The Great, Stonehaven - Smartphone App Opens Doors to History of Church


Smartphone App Opens Doors to History of Stonehaven Church

St James The Great, Stonehaven is launching an augmented reality (AR) smartphone app to coincide with the Doors Open Days event taking place across Aberdeenshire on 15 & 16 September.

The smartphone app will be available for both Android and iOS and uses augmented reality technology to guide visitors, providing a virtual tour.  With this 21st century technology, they will be able to see for themselves details of the most notable and historically interesting parts of the Grade A listed Church building.

St James the Great is listed on the Doors Open Days 2018 website as one of the historical buildings to visit in Stonehaven, and congregation members will be available on Saturday 15 September 2018 from 10.00 to 16.00 to help.  There will also be light refreshments and some books, tea towels, bookmarks, jams, marmalade and cakes for sale.  On Sunday 16 September, the church will be open all day with morning services held at 9 am and 10:30 am, but there will be no guides .

Professor Peter Sharp, Chairman of the Vestry, said “As a Grade A listed building, St James the Great is a truly historic part of Stonehaven and the surrounding area. The events planned for autumn are the first time that the history of the Church has been celebrated in such a way using 21st century technologies.  Special thanks go to the Vestry Committee and other volunteers for their work on these forthcoming activities.”

David Fleming, Buildings Convener
07733 361755

Note about the Smartphone App
The new smartphone app can be downloaded from App Store (on iOS phones/tablets) or Google Play (for Android) – search on “James Shell”.  Once installed, point your phone camera at one of 12 the Trigger Panels (in the church, but an example shown below), and the app will describe 12 major features in the church. 


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