Place for Hope Training


Place for Hope Set Training

Our churches and faith communities face change, encounter difference and can struggle to manage conflict. We know conflict can be both creative and destructive.  Place for Hope offers one-day workshops to support church and faith community leaders in responding to conflict.

Dates 2018/19:

Growing through Change and Conflict Foundation
12/09/18 The Steeple, Dundee
27/09/18 ISC, Glasgow
2/11/18 Cumbria, venue tbc
8/12/18 Edinburgh, venue tbc
17/1/19 Cumbria, venue tbc
27/04/19 Oban, venue tbc

Growing through Change and Conflict Further Skills
03/10/18 The Steeple, Dundee
11/10/18 Glasgow, venue tbc
22/11/18 Cumbria, venue tbc
19/01/19 Augustine United Church, Edinburgh
7/2/19 Cumbria, venue tbc
18/05/19 Oban, venue tbc

Scripture, Spirituality and Conflict
22/11/18 ICS, Glasgow
05/12/18 The Steeple, Dundee
7/3/19 Cumbria, venue tbc
21/09/19 Oban, venue tbc

Bullying and Harassment
2/11/18 The Steeple, Dundee
10/11/18 Inverness, venue tbc
2/3/19 Cumbria, venue tbc
14/3/19 Cumbria, venue tbc
15/06/19 Oban, venue tbc

For more details and booking, visit:
t: 07884580359