New Priest for Muchalls and Stonehaven


The Reverend Mary Jepp has been announced as the priest and transitional minster who will serve St Ternan’s Muchalls and St James’ Stonehaven.

Mary, who is presently serving in Portsmouth Diocese but was Rector of Kilmarnock, writes: “My mother used to say....'God works in mysterious ways etc. etc.'. Over the past few months those words have reverberated around my head on several occasions as I would say that this time last year,  the notion that Mike and I would once again have the boxes out and we would be planning a move to Scotland was the farthest thing from our minds.  Saying that, we are both thrilled at the prospect of moving north to be with you in the near future.

“Mike, who I met when he was serving in the Royal Air Force at RAF Goose Bay in Labrador Canada, and I seem to have moved a great deal throughout our married lives.  Where ever we have put down roots I have always sought out a worshipping community, as a result my church experience has ranged from cathedral to heatless, sans electricity churches on the edge of wildernesses.  For me, regardless of where we have ended up, it is the relationships that have mattered most, they being our relationships with God, with each other, the communities we live in and the world beyond our church walls.

“Although the press at the moment appears to be full of doom and gloom regarding the future of religion I think we live in very exciting times.  Perhaps the phrase 'imagining the future' speaks of what lies ahead.  In saying that I am not suggesting that time honoured traditions and expressions of faith should be abandoned but that we should prayerfully consider what God is asking us to do using all that he has given us to experience and spread the message of his love.  Recently I came across the phrase that blessings are found when giftings and needs meet...together I hope that we will be able to use our individual gifts to work towards meeting the needs of those we live alongside and in doing this we will be blessed.  Mike and I are so looking forward to be with you!  Every blessing!  Yours in Christ...Mary”

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