Great Pumpkin Festival - St Lukes, Dundee


Great Pumpkin Festival

What can we do to reach out to the community of Downfield?  That was the challenge that faced us at St Luke’s in the run up to Halloween.  Then someone had a brilliant idea: let’s hold a Great Pumpkin Festival and invite everyone to come.  And so it was.  We gave out 200 pumpkins to schools, community groups and youth organisations and invited them to join us for fun, games and celebrations on All Hallows Eve.
By just after 7pm the church was full - standing room only - with lots of excited children, parents and friends.  The festival was underway with the Christian theme of All Hallows at the heart.
At the end of the evening, everyone went home happy to have been part of the celebration and looking forward to our next community event: Café Church Christmas Carols.  Another good news story!

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