Companion Links’ Exchange Young Adults’ Visit to the Diocese of Iowa - Summer 2020


On behalf of Pat Millar – Diocesan Companion Links Officer

Phase Three - Companion Links’ Exchange Visits
Young Adults’ Visit to the Diocese of Iowa - Summer 2020

Phase three of the Companionship exchange visits will take place in the Diocese of Iowa in August 2020. This visit was originally planned for summer 2019 and postponed because of time pressures.

Bishop Alan invites a group of six young adults from each of the three dioceses - Brechin, Iowa, Swaziland- to meet in Iowa,  to spend time together studying, worshipping, travelling and enjoying social events.
For this visit, Bishop Alan has suggested that three from each group should be within the age group of 18 - 23 and three within the age group 24 -32.

This is planned as a twelve day visit from 6th - 17th August: the dates include travel time.

The programme for the visit is yet to be confirmed, but is likely to have an overarching focus on issues related to social justice and care for the environment. It will involve travel across the State.

We expect that the three Bishops will participate in and lead parts of the programme.

There will be costs for this visit, but there is ample time for personal and group fundraising to help with these.

Please contact me to express an interest in taking part or to ask any questions.

Pat Millar
Companion Links Officer

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