What we believe

In common with all Christian churches our belief is rooted in a God who created the world, restored a broken humanity, and who offers new life in Christ.

  • We believe in one God, mystery at the heart of the created universe, mystery at the centre of our human existence.
  • We believe we meet this God in the historical figure of Jesus Christ the man from Nazareth, in whom, said St Paul, 'the fullness of God was pleased to dwell'.
  • We follow Jesus' teaching that we should love God and also love our neighbour. He lived that way himself, rejecting violence, and dying for us all on a Roman cross.
  • We believe in being communities, embedded in the world, but following Christ’s footsteps in loving others, and restoring human community.

Our beliefs, in more, poetic and sophisticated forms can be found in the ancient Apostles and Nicene creeds, and these, and occasional new versions, are available for download from the Liturgy section of the Scottish Episcopal Church website.